Products List

Swimming Pool Safety Fencing

Swimming pool safety fences mainly refers to protective barrier for keeping childrens and pedestrian safety from swimming pool sites...Learn More

Orange Safety Snow Fence, Poratable Fence for Home Garden and Roadway

Orange safety fencing is also called safety fence and snow fence barrier. Main color: orange.Orange color is the most popular,but other colors are also available in Blue/Yellow/Green....Learn More

Green House Wind Netting

Also called wind netting or green house shade netting. Made of knitted plastic mesh with thick knots, this netting is air permeable and wind blocking, suitable for vineyard, plant greenhouse shade net, anti-bird in agricultural industries....Learn More

Turf Reinforcement Mesh, Plastic Grid for Grass Root Protection

PVC or plastic mesh is ideal for controlling pedestrian and vehicle movement inside the premises while providing protection for the turf areas and more....Learn More

Bird Control Netting

Anti bird netting is designed for bird control in the plants and orchards of grapes, berries, vegetables, gardens and shrimp farms, fish ponds. and more....Learn More

HDPE Safety Perimeter Fence

Safety Fencing made of HDPE materials is available in rolls of width 100cm or 122cm, length 50m or 100m. The rigid HDPE mesh fence is light weight, easy to erect using steel fencing pins...Learn More

Plant Support and Tree Guarding Trellis

Available in orange, white, green and other colors. We supply alternative plastic tree guards and plant supports for the welded metal mesh fences. The tree guards are used for protecting the trees from snow, wind or other harms...Learn More

Heavy Duty Warning Barrier Fence / Plastic Safety Net for Dangerous Areas and Crowd Control in Events

Plastic mesh fence are popularly used as warning barriers for construction sites and dangerous sites. Most plastic barrier is used to cordon off danger areas at construction, madwork and excavation sites.etc...Learn More

Construction Safety Netting Enclosure / Safety Nets

Safety Nets are specially designed as temporary enclosures and barriers in construction sites. Made from U.V treated high density polyethylene knitted construction...Learn More

Nylon Mesh Scaffold Safety Netting

Scaffold Safety Netting is made out of HDPE / Nylon in Twisted and Braided constructions meeting International Standards with a combination of Industrial Ropes at the Border for Shock Absorption...Learn More

Site Safety Warning Fence System

Main Components of the fencing system are extruded plastic mesh fitted with pickets. Plastic safety mesh - UV stabilised for long life. The site safety fence system is mainly used for various temporary sites safety as warning barriers....Learn More

PVC Extruded Mesh and Chain Link Temporary Fence Barriers

Temporary pedestrian barriers. Pedestrian barriers can be used to ensure the public are directed safely in or around areas of works, or to ensure traffic is aware of works by providing a clear walkway. Good for crowd control....Learn More